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FootDistrict x Market

In the collaboration between FOOTDISTRICT and MARKET, the lively, spontaneous and cheeky style has become a malware that spreads to T-shirts, sweatshirts and its star item: the smiling Smiley basketball. A B-movie villain-like plan for world domination that begins in FOOTDISTRICT and threatens to turn the universe into a place of memes, pixels and irreverence, where the game is as important as the outcome.

For the first time, MARKET and FOOTDISTRICT collaborate on a collection in which, instead of turning their articles into equanimous examples of working together, they let themselves be carried away by the conversation, contaminate and mix. FOOTDISTRICT understands that this should be the meaning of working together, an apprenticeship that does not end at the drawing board and that leads to an ambitious plan to dominate the universe.


Photography: Juanma Jmsé

Postproduction & Retouch: Rubén Chase

Creative Direction: Alfredo Santamaría - Gothic Sport

Client: FootDistrict Spain & MARKET


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